Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Yes, if you genuinely don't like* the advise or find it useful, you can apply for refund for a particular consultation within a period of 7 days of having a consultation with the expert. *Please keep in mind that any false claim can be rejected by the team if it is found to be in violation in ethical usage policy.

Post your request, our claims evaluation team will investigate and approve your claim within a TAT of 2-3 days.

Yes, you can reject the refund but if the claims associate comes to the conclusion that you were at wrong post the negotiation with the seeker and yourself, you rejection will be overridden and refund amount will be deducted from your wallet. * Don't worry very limited set of seekers apply for refund on the platform, but if their claim is genuine, you must at least approve the partial refund, remaining will be borne by SeekEx. ** If you don't wish to get refund applications on your consultations, you might opt for non-refundable services feature by marking a mail to

Before placing a consultation kindly look for the following tag, if you see it, please take extra care, because you will not get any refund for such calls because such experts have opted in and approve for non refundable service program.

"Yes, you can mark your services as non-refundable by marking a mail to, Our team will evaluate your application and get back to you within a TAT of 48-72 hours. * Please keep in mind that opting for this service, might reduce your visibility on the platform and lead to lower business and revenues for your account"

Yes, if you dont wish to take calls, please mark yourself as "unavailable". If you are available and don't receive the calls even as per your time schedule, it will negatively impact your visibility on the platform. Your rankings in the search results will dragged down over the time

You can request for feedback removal, if the feedback is not in accordance with our feedback policy, we will remove the feedback and it corresponding negative impact as well.

Yes, your payment is secured with industrial standard encryption protocols ?

Hold amount is the amount which is currently not due for payment because of two probable reasons. a) Certain transaction have been requested to be refunded by the seeker, this will be cleared once the claims team is done with the result for the dispute. b) Refund period of the transactions is not yet over which T+3 days.

You can receive the payment either directly in your bank account or through UPI.

The difference is due to service charges deducted by seekex.

You will receive the payment as per the payment cycle of T*+5 days with a minimum disbursement amount of Rs. 200. T is the day of the transaction/Call/video call.

Yes, the calls happening on seekex platform are recorded for quality and training purposes. All the calls/video calls will be available as history for seeker's account but not for the expert account.

It can be shared by expert only when given a consent by seeker explicitly using the ""share it with others"" features. Sharing/recording the private call is otherwise prohibited and if report will lead to appropriate action against the expert account.

Yes, you can switch to expert mode, fill up the detail information form and our team will get back to you for verification!

No, unverified experts can receive the calls but will not be able to earn money from the consultations. Only verified profiles can set the rates and thus ultimately earn from the consultations.

Fill up the expert verification form, upload the necessary documents and attend minimum of five unique consultation calls. Once you are done with above, our expert verification team will get in touch with you within a TAT of 5 days to have approximately 10 minutes of telephonic discussion. If qualified, you will be assigned a verified tag within a TAT of 5 days after you receive the call.

Yes, you can specify your time schedule under the call settings tab and post that you will start receiving calls only during the designated time slots.

You can do this by choosing the setting ""Don't want to receive direct calls"" under the call settings section. Post making this adjustment, seekers can call you only through the ""Request call"" path and not through the direct calls.

Yes, even if you dont have the active internet connection or you have logged out of the app, you can still receive the calls from our cloud hosted telephony system. Please make sure to attend such calls to avoid any negative impact on your search rankings. To turn off such calls, you can mark yourself as unavailable.

Yes, you can select any rates as per your choice but remember, to get good visibility and henceforth good call volume, you must set the reasonable charges only.

We feel disappointed to know that you are leaving, tell us if we can change your mind (link a popup to write up a reason). If you still wish to delete your profile, please send a mail request to Our backend team will delete the account within 7 working days.

1) Raise a request to connect: Add photos, files, tell about your problems, inroduce yourself and if an expert believe that they can be of some help, your request will be accepted and you can later connect on the desired time mutually agreed with the expert. 2) Call directly: Search for an expert and place the call to online experts.

Yes, certain experts are free to contact and moreover you can start a completely free chat even with premium experts. You can also earn money in your seekex wallet using referral program, which can be further used to contact premium experts

Oops! There might be a technical glitch. Don't worry just tell us about your issue in "report a bug" section on side menu, when its crashing. It will be resolved with 24 hours.

You can turn off the video calls in the call setting section.

You can earn upto Rs, 1000 in rewards for referring seekex to your friends and family. Just remember asking them to use the referral code generated by you. Apart from the fixed referral fees, you will earn percentage based commissions on first five transactions of the referred friend.

Your data is secured and it is not shared with any third party service provider. It is protected with commercial grade encryption methods to prevent any potential data breaches.

Using inapproriate language, sharing of pornographic materials etc. is prohibited on Seekex as per the ethical usage policy (insert link). Any user (expert or seeker)/content found breaching the aforesaid policy must be reported by clicking ""report this user"" or ""report this content"". Post investigation, if the claim is found legitimate, appropriate actions including account suspension can be taken.

Seekex is the platform for exchanging knowledge. Any kind of information being sought after by the seeker can be shared but you are solely responsible to maintain the confidentiality and the consequences heneforth of breaching it.

If the seeker had previously communicated about the need to share the confidential data, you could have denied to take the call/video call. But if it was otherwise, you have the right to protect the confidentiality and seeker will not be issued any refund because asking for confidential information is not encouraged under ethical usage policy.